The Spinach Soup Recipe | An Enemy Of Cancer [Not Kidding]

The Spinach Soup Recipe

spinach soup recipe

 The Spinach Soup Recipe | An Enemy Of Cancer [Not Kidding]

Spinach Soup Recipe | Hey Friends, Welcome to Healthy Soup Recipes. How are you today? I hope you are doing great.

Friends, Today I have a very special recipe for you called recipe of palak soup or the spinach soup recipe.

Now some of you must be thinking that how bad this spinach soup vegan will be in taste. then trust me guys it's really not that bad.

But even if there is a slight down in the taste, what is the problem friends?

If good health is necessary, then you will have to little compromise with taste.

Don't worry this clear spinach soup is full of nutrition. it doesn't mean that this is not tasty. it is very good in taste.

Let us know how to make the spinach soup

Here we go...

Prep Time: 10-12 Minutes

Cooking Time: 10-15 Minutes

Serve: 2-3

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Spinach Soup Recipe Ingredients

spinach soup recipe

The Spinach Soup Recipe | An Enemy Of Cancer [Not Kidding]

#1. Palak (Spinach):  2-3 Bundles ( Roughly Chopped)

#2. Onion:  1 Medium ( Finely Chopped)

#3. Bay Leaves:  1 to 2

#4. Garlic:  5 Cloves Chopped

#5. Vegetable Stock or Water:  3 Cups

#6. Skimmed Milk:  1 Cup

#7. White Pepper Powder:  1 Pinch

#8. Oil:  1 Tbsp

#9. Salt:  According to Taste

Yes, That's it, guys. That's all we need. Looking Simple, isn't it? Of course, it is.

Friends, one thing must be kept in mind that whenever you use palak or spinach, before cutting or chopping it, wash it very well with the normal tap water.

Because whenever you wash it after chopping, its essential nutrients also get washed away with water.

This recipe does not contain any nonveg material. this is a healthy soup recipe vegetarian version.

Anyway, let,s go through the Directions now...

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How To Make Spinach Soup Recipe

spinach soup recipe

Step #1.

First, take a Pan. put it on the gas. let it be heated. now put very little oil in it. Friends, Oil can be skipped. but we are using bay leaf and garlic here.

So we need to cook them for a moment. basically, you need to cut the rawness of them. so you can use it a little bit.

Step #2.

Now add garlic and Saute it for a few seconds. Garlic should be crushed or roughly minced. Saute it well.

Step #3.

Now add bay leaf into the pan. According to some famous food experts- Bay Leaf is extremely good for our gut health. it really helps to digest the food.

You can make this spinach soup recipe without onion and garlic. this would be great also. just the taste will go different a little bit. I will share the other version of this soup.

Step #4.

Add Onions and saute them very well. You can use spring onions in this soup. but I suggest that use normal onions. You can add some black pepper now according to your taste.

Note: The flame should be on Medium-High.

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Step #5.

Now our Main Ingredient here, Yes, the spinach. Put the spinach into the pan. Don't forget to lower the heat a little bit. Because you don't want your spinach to turn darker.

Step #6.

Add salt according to your taste. Do not add too much salt. if you are using water then it is okay. but if you are using vegetable stock, it already has a good amount of sodium.

So be careful. Otherwise, the soup will turn very salty.

Step #7.

Now cook it for 2 Minutes. Do not cook it for more than 2 Minutes. Otherwise, it will leave its greenish color and turn darker.

Note: The gas should be on low flame.

Step #8.

Now you can add Vegetable Stock. if you do not have vegetable stock. then you can use water also. Stir Well.

Step #9.

Cook it for 2 minutes more. Gas should be lower.

Step #10.

Once the soup starts boiling, turn off the gas. I am telling you again guys, do not overcook it. otherwise, it will not be like you want. after 2 minutes just turn off the gas.

Is it done? Not now...

Step #11.

Now allow the soup to come to room temperature. let it be cool a little bit. You can remove the bay leaf from the soup now. All its flavors have been absorbed by the soup.

Step #12.

Now all you have to do is blend this mixture into the blender. transfer the soup into a blender. if you have that hand blender. it's great. it directly goes into the pan and blends all together. so blend it properly.

Step #13.

Check the consistency of the soup. if you like a little thin soup then add some water or some vegetable stock into this. Or if you like thick soup then keep it as it is. it's completely upon you.

What I mean is add water or vegetable stock according to your need.

Step #14.

If you have blended all this in a blender jar. then transfer it again in the pan. and If you have blended it with the help of a hand blender, then leave it in the pan as it is.

Step #15.

Now turn on the gas again. and you just need to raise the temperature of the soup. just heat it for a minute. you don't need to cook it further.

Step #16.

Once done, add milk into this. milk helps to enhance the color of this soup. after adding it, you will notice that the color automatically turns more greenish.

If you do not want to add milk in this soup you can skip it. but I recommend that do not skip it. it gives the soup a very nice creamy texture.

Step #17.

Stir it very well. and now add a pinch of white pepper powder. The flame should be lower.

Stir... Stir... and Stir... Just for a few seconds.


Note: If you are making this spinach soup recipe for baby then do not use additional spices. If you are making it for yourself or any other elders, you can add the spices.

Step #18.

Wooo! Your soup is ready guys!

Transfer it in a nice serving bowl. and serve it hot. You can add fresh cream on it for garnishing.

spinach soup recipe
The Spinach Soup Recipe | An Enemy Of Cancer [Not Kidding]

How was it, guys? was it hard? no not at all. it is a super easy recipe that anyone can make in some Minutes.

Let us know some interesting facts about the recipe...

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Healthy Soup Recipes - Do You Know?

spinach soup recipe

Eating spinach on a daily basis can boost your eye health. spinach reduces stress and helps to prevent cancer

The Spinach Contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C along with K1. It has a huge amount of Calcium, Iron, and Folic Acid which is extremely crucial for the human body.

Spinach is an extremely nutrient-rich vegetable. It packs high amounts of carotenoids. and it contains some very Important plant compounds like Zeaxanthin, Kaempferol, Nitrates, and Lutein.

If you make this spinach soup recipe for weight loss. You will find yourself fit in a few weeks. This is my naked challenge.

But you have to consume it daily without any break.

spinach soup recipe

Oh! Look at that greeny leaves in the above image. So healthy.


Friends, the whole day would end, but the list of the benefits of this super vegetable would not end.

In short, this super vegetable is undoubtedly one of the best vegetables that we have. and ultimately this soup also becomes a super healthy dish, isn't it?

In case, if anyone is suffering from any kind of illness in your home,  I have many more healthy soup recipes for patients also.

Benefits Of The Spinach Soup Recipe: 

Benefits from this recipe of palak soup are countless. but I am sharing some of the major benefits of it. Take a  Look...

Do You Often Suffer From Any Body Or Bone Pain?

spinach soup recipe

Sometimes, body-aching is fine. It is Understandable. But some people are suffering from this on a regular basis. Are you one of them? Then this recipe of palak soup is a must-have for you.

Maybe your bones are weakened? You need essential nutrients to strengthen the bones.

Consuming easy healthy soup daily will boost the health of your bones and give them strength. Give it a try.

Do You Have Any Skin Problems? 

spinach soup vegan

Millions of people around the world are facing several skin problems. and not satisfied with the medical results. maybe they do not know this superfood can eliminate their skin problems.

If you are also suffering from any skin issues like- Pimples, Dark Circles, and Wrinkles. Lucky you. you have the spinach soup vegan recipe now. if you will daily consume it. believe me, friends, you will be literally shocked. because this recipe will slash all the skin problems in very little time.

Do You Have Any Hair Problems?

spinach soup vegan

My friends, this recipe of spinach soup is the key to solve the problem of hair thinning and reducing baldness. If you are facing one of them. then my friends, please do not waste time anymore.

Go to your kitchen immediately and make this spinach soup for you. and give your hair some healthy benefits.

Want To Prevent Cancer?

spinach soup recipe

Yes. You are reading right! You can prevent cancer with the help of this recipe. I am not Kidding. As you know this recipe has spinach. and spinach has the property of fighting the cancer cells.

These kinds of super healthy soup recipes are well known to prevent you from cancer. so what are you waiting for? go and make it for your self.

Want To Be Strong During The Pregnancy?

spinach soup recipe for weight loss

If you don't want this soup in your diet, it's okay.

But hey! Are you going to turn a mother soon? I can't tell you how nutritious this soup is for you and your baby in your womb.

If you make this spinach soup recipe for pregnancy, Nothing can be better than this for you and your baby.

Final Words:

If you are making this "spinach soup recipe for patients". It will be great. feed them this soup twice a day. then see, the patient will not be patient anymore. he or she will be cured by just consuming this soup.

Guys, If you find this recipe helpful then please share it with your friend circle and with your family members. so they will get health benefits from this soup too.

I have plenty of other spinach soup vegan recipes such as- Lasooni palak soup or Jain palak soup. bookmark this blog for many more easy healthy soup recipes.

If you have any complaints or suggestions or would like to share some Healthy Soup Recipes that you have then please share it with me on my  Instagram and Facebook.

I'll see you in the next article. Bookmark this blog because more easy soup recipes will be coming on this blog. long way to go.

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spinach soup recipe

The Spinach Soup Recipe | An Enemy Of Cancer [Not Kidding]

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