The Ultimate Veggie Soup Recipe | Fat Burner Machine [Literally]

Veggie Soup Recipe

veggie soup recipe

The Ultimate Veggie Soup Recipe | Fat Burner Machine [Literally]

Veggie Soup Recipe | Hello guys Welcome to Healthy Soup Recipes. How are you today? I hope you are doing great!  Friends, in this runaway life nowadays, we have become very busy and our life has become a stressful routine.

And in this such a depressing lifestyle, we are unable to pay proper attention to our health and the result is that we have to face Obesity, Insomnia, and many other diseases.

Somewhere the root of this problem is our food. If we incorporate healthy food into our lives, many of these problems will be eliminated very easily.

That is why today I have brought you a recipe called Veggie Soup Recipe. By consuming this easy healthy soup every day, there will be such wonderful changes in your body, knowing that you will be really shocked and happy at the same time.

Plus, this recipe is extremely delicious. so you don't need to compromise on taste

So let's not waste time anymore. 

Let us just come straight to the Ingredients.

Here it is...

Prep Time: 15-20 Minutes

Cooking Time: 30-35 Minutes

Serve: 3-4

Veggie Soup Recipe Ingredients:

veggie soup recipe

#1. Spring Onion: 1 Chopped (Green and white part should be cut separately)

#2. Onion:  1 Roughly Chopped

#3. Cabbage:  ½ Chopped

#4. Beans:  Roughly Chopped

#5. Broccoli:  Chopped

#6. Capsicum or Bell Pepper:  1 Medium Chopped

#7. Garlic:  3-4  Medium Size

#8. Ginger:  1 Inch Stick

#9. Frozen Green Peas:  ½ Cup

#10. Frozen Corns:  ½ Cup

#11. Cornstarch Slurry:  2-3 Tbsp.

#12. Ghee (Recommended) Or Butter:  ½  Tbsp.

#13. Black Pepper:  According to Taste.

#14. Salt:  According to Taste.

#15. Lemon Juice:  1 Tbsp.

#16. Bay Leaf:  1 as it is.

Instead of the veggies listed above, if you have carrots, cauliflower, or any other vegetable from your kitchen, you can add them to this healthy vegetable soup recipe.

There is no strict rule. You can put veggies as you wish. But make sure that you are only adding those vegetables that are healthy and easy to find.

Having said that, I Would also Recommend, Try to not skip any of the vegetables that I have mentioned above.

And Most Importantly, If possible, use Pure Cow Ghee in this recipe. It has Uncountable health benefits.

You don't need it very much. Its need is like nothing but 1 Table Spoon

Now let us go through the Instructions...

How To Make Veggie Soup?

veggie soup recipe

Step #1.

Heat a pan. (The pan should be slightly deeper.) Put ghee to it. If you do not have ghee in your kitchen, you can apply butter. But make sure you don't put it too much.

Step #2.

Now put Garlic and Ginger to it. Sauté it very well. I mean you need to break the rawness from ginger and garlic.

Step #3.

Now to enhance the flavor add 1 bay leaf to this. You can remove it later from the pan. but do not skip the bay leaf.

Step #4.

Now add Onions and Spring Onions. do not add whole spring onion. Just add the white part of it. Sauté well. Do not overcook it. All you have to do is soften the onions a little bit. so just cook it for 2-3 minutes.

Note: The flame should be on medium-high.

Step #5.

Now add Washed Beans, Washed Cabbage, and Washed Broccoli together into the pan. and stir it well. And cook it for 2 minutes.

Step #6.

Now add frozen green peas. If you do not have frozen peas, you can use normal peas, but keep in mind that you have to cook them for a little extra time.

Step #7.

Now add salt to bring out the moisture from all the vegetables. As all the vegetables will release their moisture slowly, this will give a very good flavor in the soup. Cook it for 2 minutes more.

Step #8.

Now add 1.5 Liters of Water. Yes, that much. Don't Worry, You need to boil this water till it remains almost 1 liter. Stir it well. Now you can increase the heat a little bit.

Step #9.

Add Frozen Corns to it. Keep in mind, soak the corns for a few minutes in warm water first and then add it to the vegetables. otherwise, it will not cook properly in the soup.

Step #10.

Cook it on high flame for the first boil. Once done, switch the flame to medium. After the very first boil, cover a lid on the pan.

Step #11.

Now allow the soup to cook for 15-20 minutes on medium-low flame. Don’t forget to stir it in between.

Step #12.

Once done, you can do a restaurant trick if you want to. Take a small bowl or a cup. And add 2 tablespoons cornflour to it. Now add 2 tablespoons water to it.

Now mix this very well. This mixture is known as cornstarch slurry. This slurry helps to thicken the soup.

Step #13.

When your soup is boiling just pour the cornstarch slurry into it. Make sure that you mix it properly or else the lumps will be formed in it.

Step #14.

Now add some Pepper Powder according to your taste.

Step #15.

Now the soup will turn thick. Add 1 Tbsp sugar into the soup. If you don’t want to add sugar you can skip it. It is just for balancing the taste.

Step #16.

Now add the lemon juice into the soup now to take its taste to the next level. Please do not add vinegar. because we are making it healthy. so don't add vinegar.

You can remove the bay leaf now.

Step #17.

The soup is almost ready now. But if you want to enhance the taste more, you can add some chili flakes, soya sauce or chili sauce into the soup.

Step #18.

Wallah!!! Your soup is ready now. Serve it hot!!!

But before doing that, do not forget to garnish the soup with some fresh coriander leaves.

A Quick Tip: If you are making this healthy soup recipe for dinner then make it half an hour before you go the dinner. What I am trying to say is have this easy healthy soup hot and fresh.

Isn’t this recipe super easy? I know it’s a little time taker. But guys, believe me, it's totally worth it. Because of its benefits to our body, it should be necessary for our health.

Veggie Soup Recipe Vegetable Benefits:

This Recipe Has Broccoli

veggie soup recipe

  • It Is An Excellent Source Of Vitamins C And K.

  • A Very Good Source Of Folate

  • It Also Provides Potassium And Fiber To The Body.

  • This Vegetable Contains Vitamin C Which Is A Very Powerful Antioxidant Who Protects The Body From Damaging Free Radicals.

The Recipe Has Capsicum Or Bell Pepper:

veggie soup recipe

  • Capsicums Are An Excellent Source Of Vitamin A And C.

  • They Are Also A Very Good Source Of Vitamin E, Dietary Fiber, B6, And Folate.

  • Capsicums Are Also Known As Bell Peppers.

This Recipe Has Beans:

veggie soup recipe

  • Beans Have The Potential To Reduce The Risk Of Cancer.

  • It Is Very Healthy For The Heart.

  • It Contains Many Amino Acids That Our Body Needs.

  • You Should Definitely Eat This Vegetable Regularly.

Benefits Of Veggie Soup Recipe:

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that the daily consumption of this healthy vegetable soup recipe will do some excellent changes in your body. Yes, that's true!

If you are suffering from several skin problems then this soup is a must-have for you. Because its daily intake reduces skin problems. Basically, it detoxifies skin cells.

If you are doing hardcore cardio or some kind of training for your excessive weight. Keep it up you are really doing great.

But what if I tell you that if you will include this veggie soup recipe along with your other healthy things then the speed of burning fat will get doubled. Yes, Friends include it in your diet anyhow.

If you are suffering from fever and you do not feel like eating anything, then you can have this soup, this soup will bring your fever down quickly.

Questions About Veggie Soup Recipe

#1. What can I add to my vegetable soup recipe to enhance the flavor?

Well, You can add several things to enhance the flavor of this soup. such as if you want you can add a little bit of soya sauce in this soup.

moreover, you can add chili flakes and pizza seasoning too.

#2. Is this veggie soup good for weight loss?

No, it is not. Just kidding ; ) 100 Percent. It is damn good for weight loss. That is why I have named this veggie soup a fat burner machine.

#3. What if I do not add the cornstarch slurry in this soup?

Nothing. If you do not want it to be in your soup. It is absolutely cool. The cornstarch slurry is just for making the soup a little thick.

#4. Is it necessary to add Frozen veggies in this soup such as frozen corn and peas?

Actually, frozen vegetables fasten your speed for making any kind of meal. so it is an advantage.

But, If you do not have the frozen vegetables, You can put normal veggies too. but then you will need to cook the soup for extra time.

#5. Why Ghee should be put in this recipe?

Because Ghee is one in a million thing. It is also known as clarified butter. It has several health benefits.

You can surely trust me on this : )

#6. Vegetable soup recipe, but what if I do not have veggie broth?

No problem. You can use water instead. But Using a broth gives a very nice flavor to the soup.

#7. Can I put the chicken in this vegetable soup?

Look, this is a totally vegan soup recipe. so it will not be good you add any kind of flesh in this delicious soup. So avoid it, please.

#8. What are the spices I should add to the veggie soup?

Umm... You do not need too many spices. Just 1 bay leaf and pepper powder will do a great job.

#9. When would be the best time to consume this soup?

You can consume this soup literally anytime throughout the day. But I would say If you would have this soup at dinner it will be great.

#10. Can this soup keep me full in the whole day?

Not really. For a few hours, it will work great. after that, you will need to put something into your stomach.

Final Words:

This veggie soup recipe has much more benefits than we think. I suggest you try this healthy vegetable soup recipe daily. Just keep this continuation for 2-3 Weeks. After 3 weeks just check your weight. and see the results.

I am damn sure you will thank me for sharing this simple recipe with you.

So don’t waste the time. Go make this kind of healthy soup recipes for weight loss.

If you like this soup recipe you can share with your family and friends. So that they will also get all the benefits from it.

I am gonna come up with some more healthy soup recipes vegetarian versions.

So for the easy homemade vegetable soups, you can bookmark my blog Healthy Soup Recipes.

If you have any complaints or suggestions or you have some interesting soup recipes, please Share it with me on my social handles.

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vegetable soup recipesoup recipe

The Ultimate Veggie Soup Recipe | Fat Burner Machine [Literally]

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