The Cream Of Mushroom Soup Recipe [You Will Love It]

Cream Of Mushroom Soup

cream of mushroom soup

Cream Of Mushroom Soup | Hello my dear friends, welcome to Healthy Soup Recipes. Today I have come up with a super healthy and tasty soup recipe called cream of mushroom soup recipe.

This mushroom soup is perfect for you if there is a nice and chilled cold-weather outside. Or If you are not feeling well or feeling low in energy then you should not skip this soup.

Plus, this simple mushroom soup recipe will not take your so much time to be made. You will just need hardly 15 minutes to make this delicious and healthy mushroom soup.

So I am not going to waste your time more, let us just go through the ingredients.

Cream Of Mushroom Soup Recipe Ingredients

cream of mushroom soup

#1. Bella Or Button Mushrooms: 3 Cups (Sliced)

#2. Onions: One And A Half Cup (Sliced)

#3. All-Purpose Flour: 1/4 Cup

#4. Milk: 2 Cups (Hot)

#5. Water: 2 Cups (Hot)

#6. Ground Black Pepper: 1 Teaspoon

#7. Salt: According To Taste

#8. Cream: For Garnishing (Optional)

#9. Coriander: For Ganshing (Optional)

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More You Can Add In This Simple Mushroom Soup Recipe.

Guys, If you want you can add these ingredients in the soup to make it more delicious. These are totally optional.


Many people add spinach in this cream of mushroom soup recipe. spinach gives this soup a different green color. but it takes this soup's benefits to the next level.


Garlic gives a very nice flavor to the soup. Just crush some cloves of it. Or you can also mince the garlic. And add the garlic at that time when you will be sauteing the onions in the pan.


I have seen a recipe on the web that they have put some corn in this simple mushroom soup. I know it is a little weird.

But if you want you can add them. but make sure you are using frozen corns.


Yes! This is the ingredient that I would recommend. It will enhance the taste of the soup.

These are the simple ingredients you can add in the soup to enhance the taste. Now allow me to tell you how to make this soup simple mushroom soup recipe.

How To Make The Cream Of Mushroom Soup?

cream of mushroom soup

Step #1.

Firstly, you will take a saucepan here. now just to add some ghee or butter into the pan. and once the ghee will get hot you will be adding some sliced onions.

The flame should be on medium-high flame.

Step #2.

Now in the pan simply add a half cups of sliced onions. you need to take one big onion or you can use two medium-sized onions.

Step #3.

Now add a pinch of salt and saute it for around two-three minutes. you don't need the onions to be real golden brown or cooked properly.

Just cook it for 2-3 minutes. that is it.

Step #4.

Now you can add your mushrooms in the pan. You will use three cups of mushrooms here. which is a double quantity comparing to onions.

We can mix it well and add some salt to it in between. do not add it too much.

Now, guys, you can take whatever mushrooms you want to take.

I would suggest you use Bella Mushrooms here. because this type of mushrooms has a very nice nutty flavor. so I recommend Bella mushrooms. it tastes much better than the soup.

But if Bella mushrooms are not available with you then you can use regular white mushrooms or button mushrooms.

Step #5.

So now saute it well for another three to four minutes. you can keep a lid on the pan in between. now the soup will turn a little darker and that is exactly how you want it to be. don't you?

Step #6.

What you are going to do next is you are going to keep 1/3 of this mixture aside.

I will tell you why? but before that,

Step #7.

You will add some black pepper and mix it well. and keep 1/3 of this mixture aside. which you will use later.

Guys another thing I want to mention here is when I said three cups of mushrooms above in the article, I meant you will need sliced mushrooms for this cream of mushrooms soup recipe.

Do not add whole mushrooms into the pan. so three cups of sliced mushrooms that's what you will use.

Step #8.

Next, you will add all-purpose flour into this mixture. keep in mind that you need to mix it well in a low flame. otherwise, it will turn darker and lose its texture.

So keep your beautiful eyes on the flame.

Step #9.

Now you have to constantly stir it because otherwise, the flour might turn brown.

so mix it well make sure there are no lumps in it and mix it until its the raw smell completely goes.

Maybe for another three or four minutes.

The Cream Of Mushroom Soup Recipe [You Will Love It]

cream of mushroom soup

Step #10.

So once this is mixed well you can simply turn the gas off. because the next step is adding milk into this mixture.

So for that, you will need to use a whisk. If you do not have a whisk you can use a regular spoon.

Step #11.

So you will add milk little by little in the mixture. and do mix it really well. you need to mix it until you get a nice smooth paste.

But make sure the flour mixes well into this mixture.

Friends, there is another important thing that you have to remember is that you will add warm milk into the mixture of mushrooms, onions, and the all-purpose flour.

Step #12.

Now you will notice that the cream of mushroom soup is started to getting its iconic color. it will be looking a little bit creamier after adding the entire two cups of milk.

now mix it for hardly 1-2 minutes continuously.

Step #13.

Now the mixture is ready. so you need to wait a little bit. just wait until the cools down and then you will be simply blending it in the blender or mixer.

Blend it into a smooth paste. this will look very creamy when it will nicely be blended in the blender.

Step #14.

Now turn the gas on again. and pour the mixture into the pan. you can use the same saucepan here.

There will be little chunks or pieces of mushrooms in it which are totally fine.

Actually, it should be there. it gives a nice chewiness to the soup.

Step #15.

So now, you will give it a good stir, and then you will add two cups of hot water into the mixture.

Consistency Matters!

I would recommend that you should not add too much water in it. 2 cups of water would be perfect for the soup.

because otherwise, it will ruin the taste and the texture of the soup.

Step #16.

As it's a cream of mushroom soup. so it should be a little thick and creamy. so now allow it to be boiled for few minutes.

But make sure you stand next to the gas and the pan as it might boil and spill because we have milk in it.

Step #17.

So at this point, you can add taste the soup and add some salt and pepper.

one thing you have to remember is that you have also added some pepper and salt to the mushrooms which you have kept aside.

so keep that in mind right.

Step #18.

After adding the pepper in the soup, give it a good stir. once it boils well, you will add your mushroom and onion mixture in it. and then you can turn the gas off.

Step #19.

Wallah! Now your soup is ready. you can now gently transfer the nice and hot soup into a serving dish or a serving bowl. 

Step #20.

Now the last thing that you need to do is, that after transferring the soup in the serving bowl, nicely garnish it with some coriander leaves and a little bit of cream.

By the way, Garnishing the soup is totally your choice.

Serve it hot! 

I'm sure you're going to love the soup please try it and let me know your thought about it in the comments section.

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Final Words:

Guys, this soup is extremely good for individuals with any kind of heart issue.

Mushrooms are quite low in sodium and safe to be consumed by people who are facing high blood pressure problems.

This soup has only 76 calories and it is great for losing weight because mushrooms are low in calories and plus we have even used low-fat milk in the soup.

cream of mushroom soup

The Cream Of Mushroom Soup Recipe [You Will Love It]

Guys, What do you say about this recipe? was it good or bad? tell me in the comments.

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The Cream Of Mushroom Soup Recipe [You Will Love It]

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