The Tibetan Chicken Thukpa Soup Recipe (Delicious As Hell)

The Tibetan Chicken Thukpa Soup Recipe

Tibetan Chicken Thukpa Soup Recipe

Tibetan Chicken Thukpa Soup Recipe | Hello friends, welcome to the healthy soup recipes. now I am going to share with you some really special recipe straight from Tibet.

I am a hundred percent sure the after making this soup at your home you will definitely come on my this article later and will find the comment box for just thanking me.

Yes, this recipe has the power to make it happen.

I am talking about the all-in one-pot Tibetan recipe named Thukpa.

Or you can say the Recipe Of Tibetan Chicken Thukpa Soup.

This soup is delicious as well as very healthy. te soup has the very right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and enough amount of fiber in vegetables.

It just needs your attention! So do not skip this recipe, anyhow.

But first, take a look at the ingredients.

Ingredients For Tibetan Chicken Thukpa Soup Recipe

#1. Chicken: 400 Grams (With Bone)

#2. Carrots: 1 Cup (Sliced Thin)

#3. Onion: 2 Large (Roughly Chopped) One for the Paste, and One for the stock

#4. Tomato: 1 Large (Roughly Chopped)

#5. Garlic: 12-14 Cloves

#6. Ginger: 1 Inch

#7. Noodles: Boiled

#8. Bird's Eye Chili: 1-2

#9. Cabbage: 1 Cup (Shredded)

#10. Salt: According to the taste

#11. Schezwan Pepper: According to the taste

#12. Soya Sauce: For Drizzling

#13. Coriander: For Garnishing

#14. Spring Onions Greens: For Garnishing

Done! There is not any rocket science at all.

Now let me tell you how to make this special Tibetan Chicken Thukpa Soup Recipe.

So here it is the Tibetan thukpa soup recipe,

How To Make Tibetan Chicken Thukpa Soup

So for the Thukpa,

You will need the homemade chicken broth for this Tibetan thukpa soup recipe.

You can use the readymade stock from the market but I would recommend that only use homemade broth.

so make it at home.

You can make very flavorful chicken broth using 400 grams of chicken with the bone and 10 cups of water at home very easily.

Step #1.

Heat a deep Pan and add a little oil in it. Then take a large onion that should be sliced and 7 to 8 cloves of garlic that should be crushed. saute them for few minutes.

Step #2.

Now add the chicken into the pan. cook it for about 10 minutes without adding any water. make sure that you are mixing them all well.

Step #3.

Now add a very little salt in it. Just a pinch. then add 10 cups of water in the pan. mix them well.

You do not need to add any color or preservatives in this broth.

Step #4.

Now switch the flame on low-medium and cook the homemade chicken stock for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Yes! That much time.

Now if you do not have this much time then simply take the stock from the market.

Step #5.

After almost an hour, shut the flame off.

so here is a flavorful chicken stock that you are going to use for the Tibetan Chicken Thukpa Soup Recipe.

One more thing, Guys you will need a paste for it that you will make it very easily.

Step #6.

Firstly, you need to do one thing. You will need to make a paste of 1 Tomato, 1 Onion,  2 Tablespoons of fresh Coriander, 3 to 4 cloves of Garlic, and a small piece of Ginger here.

And if you want you can use the very famous Bird's Eye chili. you will not take it more than one. use just one of them because they're really spicy.

but if it's not easily available in your kitchen, you can use any other chili.

Also, there is one of the main ingredients for the Tibetan Chicken Thukpa Soup Recipe is also the Schezwan Pepper.

so you will add the flakes of the bird's eye chili in the grinding jar. Just use about one teaspoon of these flakes.

Step #7.

Now simply grind this all to a nice paste WITHOUT WATER.

Your basic paste for the thukpa is ready now. so the stock is ready, the paste is ready. Now the Thukpa soup's turn.

for that,

Step #8.

Heat a tablespoon of oil in the deep pan again. and once the oil is hot you will saute the paste which you have ground.

so you will saute this paste on high flame for 3 to 4 minutes

The Tibetan Chicken Thukpa Soup Recipe (Delicious As Hell)

Tibetan Chicken Thukpa Soup Recipe

Step #9.

Now, You will add nothing but one cup of carrot in the soup. Cut them into very thin pieces. then add a cup of shredded cabbage. cook the vegetables nicely in the paste for a minute.

Step #10.

Now simply add the chicken stock into the soup. to this let's add some salt and let's bring this to a boil.

Remember, you have added the salt in the stock. so be careful.

After a boil,

The broth with the chicken and the vegetables is ready. now you need to assemble the Thukpa Noodle Soup.

For that, You will take some boiled noodles here.

But keep in mind, whichever noodles you use for this chicken thukpa soup, see the instructions on the package carefully and make them accordingly.

Step #11.

Simply take some noodles in a serving bowl. and to this, you will add the stock.

After adding the stock, you will add some boiled and shredded chicken here in the soup bowl.

Now one tip, you will drizzle some soy sauce on top of this, yes very little. and then if you want just add some finely chopped bird's eye chili in that.

Step #12.

Now you will beautifully garnish the soup with finely chopped greens of spring onion, and some coriander.

Now, Walaaaaah!! The Tibetan Chicken Thukpa Soup Recipe is ready to be served.

Final Words:

So, my dear friends, this was the recipe of thukpa soup. I know that there are some other ways to make this dish. but today I have shared the recipe that is the easiest way to make it.

This warm flavorful noodle soup is extremely comforting in the chilled out weathers like winters. so do try this recipe ANYHOW.

The Tibetan Chicken Thukpa Soup Recipe (Delicious As Hell)

Tibetan Chicken Thukpa Soup Recipe

When I say ANYHOW, I mean it.

So, Guys, this was my recipe for chicken thukpa soup. I hope you find this article helpful.

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The Tibetan Chicken Thukpa Soup Recipe (Delicious As Hell)

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