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Pumpkin Soup Recipe


Pumpkin Soup Recipe | Friends, you know that our life has become very stressful nowadays, we do not remain alert about our health.

You will agree with me on this that whether it is the concern of the children or the worries of their studies, we always take this as a stressful thing.

And whether it is the concern of our family in the home or the worry of rent of the home, we are just prone to stress.

We are literally eaten by the stress and worries of almost everything in our life. and unfortunately, it is also impacting on our health.

But what is the solution to this?

I believe for reducing stress nothing is better than healthy food. And soups are a great option for reducing stress.

we need to focus on health a little. just follow some diet and a little bit of exercise. nothing is better than this. I CAN BET.

Exercising is completely your call. But it is my responsibility to provide you the best soup recipe for this stressful life.

Today I am come up with a very special and delicious recipe called The Pumpkin Soup.

Why Pumpkin Soup Recipe is best for you?

It is only because of this super vegetable named PUMPKIN. thanks to the pumpkin this soup is especially known to reduce mood swings and improve mental health.

And Also,

  • This soup may improve your skin
  • This soup may improve your digestion system
  • This soup may improve your eyesight.
  • This soup may help you to burn the excessive fat
  • This soup may help you to be happy and productive in every circumstance

Now allow me to tell you, how to make pumpkin soup.

So get up fast, go to your kitchen, put on some good music, and start cooking The Pumpkin Soup.

You Should Check These:

Ingredients For Pumpkin Soup Recipe


#1. Onion: Half, Roughly Chopped

#2. Ginger: 1 Tablespoon

#3. Garlic: 1 Tablespoon

#4. Pumpkin: 1 Cup- Diced

#5. Celery: 1 Stick

#6. Vegetable Stock: 500 ML

#7. Salt: According To The Taste

#8. Cayenne Pepper: According To The Taste

#9. Coriander: For Garnishing

#10. Black Pepper: For Garnishing

#11. Soya Sauce: Optional

How To Make Pumpkin Soup Recipe


Step #1.

Firstly, Take a Deep Pan, and heat it. Now you will take a teaspoon of oil. no need for too much oil.1 teaspoon that is all you will need.

Add oil in the pan.

Step #2.

Now cut a half onion and put it into the pan. now simply put a tablespoon of Ginger and a tablespoon of Garlic in the pan. and saute it for a moment.

Step #3.

Now you will add the main ingredient. Yes, The Pumpkin. Firstly add the pumpkin very nicely. and then cut it into average-sized Cubes.


Step #4.

Now add a stick of fresh celery. well, this is a totally optional ingredient. If you don't have it in your kitchen, that's fine.

Step #5.

Now you will add 500 ml of vegetable stock in the pan. You can use the ready-made vegetable stock of the market. But I would recommend using the homemade vegetable stock.

By the way, it is very simple and easy to make vegetable stock at home.

Well, you get ready-made vegetable stock cubes in the market. you just need to take a cube and then put it into warm water.

now mix it well and then add it in the pumpkin soup. yes, that is it.

Step #6.

Time to play the stirring game!! Stir really well. The gas should be on a medium-high flame.

Step #7.

Remember, at this point, you have to taste the soup because most vegetable stocks already are very high on sodium which means that there is already a quite amount of salt in them.

So yes! taste it first. If you feel that a little salt should be added in the soup then you can add it.

If you are using homemade vegetable stock, then too, you can add a little salt.

What I am trying to say is that be a little careful when you adding the salt. because you do not want your soup to be salty, do you?

Step #8.

Now it is the time to add a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper. it gives a nice flavor to the soup.

you need to cook the pumpkin properly now.

Step #9.

Now put the lid of the cooker on. Okay, now you just need to let it be pressure cooked on a medium flame for around four whistles.

obviously blending it now to make sure

Step #10.

After the four Whistles, Simply open the lid. Now you will blend this mixture well.

The consistency of the pumpkin soup recipe should be checked carefully.

And make sure that if you don't have any bits in your mouth then you should put it through a sieve.

Step #11.

You know what? Your delicious Pumpkin Soup is ready now.

Yes! It is ready. now you just need to garnish it.

Simply garnish it with a bit of coriander and a bit of pepper. Plus you can add a little bit of soya sauce on it. it is totally optional.

The addition of coriander and pepper is really underestimated in this pumpkin soup.

coriander is a great herb to alkalize your body and your food. plus pepper also fights with coughs and colds.

So this garnishing is great for your immunity.

Final Words

This healthy light pumpkin soup recipe is also a great option when you're rushing around and you don't have time to make a full-blown meal.

Do You Know? it's a great way to also help boost your immune system and energy on the go plus it tastes so yummy.

Now, friends, allow me to demand what I deserve.

I think you liked these healthy soup recipes with chicken that I've shared in this article today.

If so, then please share this article with your friends and family so they will get the benefits from these recipes too.

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Easy Way To Make Pumpkin Soup Recipe From Scratch - Healthy Soup Recipes

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